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UK Registered Charity No: 327173

Our aim is to raise 2.5 million Euro for the initial phase of renovation and new building to bring Bonnevaux to its full, wonderful potential for the community and as a centre of peace in the world - supported by you, the WCCM membership, individual donors, Trusts and other bodies. It will be our home. We need your help. Thank you for being part of our Bonnevaux project.

US Donors: 

If you would like to make a donation of any amount, and want to receive a tax receipt, click here. WCCM-USA is our US charity entity that will send you this Tax deductible receipt. Please make sure to note that your donation is to be directed for Bonnevaux in the form where there is a space to "FOR BONNEVAUX”.
- Or send your check or credit card information to:

WCCM-USA Administration
7017 E. Calle Canis
Tucson, AZ 85710


Canadian donors wishing to receive tax receipts may make their donations through The Canadian Christian Meditation Community Registered Charity.

By cheque or credit card mailed to P.O. Box 52, Station NDG, Montreal, QC. H4A 3P4. ‘Bonnevaux Scholarship Fund’ in the memo line.

By E-transfer to ‘Bonnevaux Scholarship Fund’ in the message.

By ‘phone 514-485- 7928 for Credit Card or further information.

See also ‘Donate’ on the Canadian website

You can help by giving a one-time donation or with a monthly donation over 2 or 3 years

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